China Had Attacked India. Nehru Felt Too Much Cheated By China Which Had Accepted Panchsheel And Was Highly Depressed. Nehru Had Never Visited Any Shrine As He Was An Staunch Atheist.

Shyama Charan Shukl Was The C.M. Of Madhya Pradesh. Shukal And Nehru Were Very Close friends. Shukal Suggested Nehru To Visit Peetambra Peeth at Datia And Pray To Swamiji For The National Cause. Nehru Who was non-believer From His Heart, Hesitated But Later Agreed.

Both Went To Datia (M.P). Shri Swami Ji Mahraj Who Had Restored The Glory Of Pandavkaleen Peeth, Was Taking Rest. Nehru Sent The Message Prime Minister Of India Wants To See Him. Swamiji Asked Him To Wait.

Nehru Again Sent The Message That Meeting Is Urgent And Cannot Be Delayed. Swmiji Again turned Down The Request.

Shukalj Knew Swamiji. He Advised Nehru To send The Message In Personal Capacity. At this Nehru Sent The Message, “I, Jawahar Lal S/O Moti Lal And The Resident Of Alaahbad Wishes To Meet You, Swamiji. Please Oblige.”

Swamiji Got Up And Called Nehru At Once. Nehru Told His Dilemma. Swamiji Asked For Rs. 5/- But Nehru Was Empty-Pocket. Shukal Lent Nehru Rs, 5/- Which Were Used To Buy Samidha For The Yagya. The Yagya Was Started In The Presence Of Nehru. After Some Time Nehru Was Allowed To Leave And To Come Back On The Last Day Of The Yagya For Purnaahuti. On The Ninth Day The United Nations Announced That China Had Retreated And That India Should Stop Its Forces From Retreating Due To Chinese Pressure. Thus China Was Forced To Stop War And Peace Was Restored. The Yagya Kund In Which The Yagya Was Performed Can Still Be Seen In The Temple Courtyard.



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