God’s Grace


  • God/Nature has given us everything.
  • Whatever it has given to us is not bad.
  • We make any of them bad or good by its misuse or use.
  • If we use them with discretion we are blessed.
  • As an example take money which is a means to meet our daily needs. But if we use the same in hiring a shooter to kill anyone, we will be buying trouble for us.
  • You may say who knows?
  • Right. But don’t forget that murders, lovers and odours cannot be concealed for ever.
  • They shall be exposed for sure. When?
  • Is the only point.
  • So if we want heavenly peace in our lives, we need not misuse any one of them.
  • Our each step becomes dance, each voice becomes music, each smile becomes laughter, are filled with peace and life becomes a celebration only if we are positive.
  • If we do not misuse Kam (Sex), Krodh (Anger), Mad (Ego), Lobh (Greed) and Moh (Attachment).
  • Today we use money and sex too much. Hence chaos in our lives and all around us.
  • And we blame others for it.
  • Just think.
  • Are we not accountable to our miseries?
God’s Grace

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