Ego I think is the worst enemy of a person; and more so for a leader. I too was no exception. I was working in a degree college. Most of the lecturers were cooperative. But one of them was always at odds. Whenever I assigned any duty to him, he would lower his head and say, “No Sir. I cannot do it.” It hurt me very much. Other members of the staff felt amused; though not openly.

Things went on. Neither I was relenting in assigning some task to him daily nor was he softening his attitude. Virtually I was on the horns of a dilemma. The manager advised me to issue him a show cause notice. But that too was unacceptable to my conscience. Do you know why? There were two reasons. One, he had never been rude even when turning down my instructions. He would always express his inability politely keeping his eyes on toes. Second, his professional performance was excellent. I had not found any flaw in his work even when I had tried to trace one intentionally.

One day I invited him to my residence in the evening. I received him with open arms. I discussed various issues with him. I noticed he was straightforward in giving his opinions. He argued with me on several occasions justifying his suggestions. I too kept accepting them. When I was pouring coffee into the cups, he stood up, came forward and said, “Sir, I shall….” I said, “Brother. No Sir…Sir here. It is my residence and here we are brothers.” I withdrew. He poured coffee into two cups and handed one to me very reverentially.

After coffee he again stood up and touching my feet  said, “I am very sorry my elder brother. I always disobeyed you. But do you know why?”

It was the very reason that I had invited him to my residence. I looked into his eyes. I was highly surprised at what he said. “Brother, I do not like my performance going down. So I accept only that which I can do without affecting my day to day work.”

I hugged him. Kissing his forehead I thanked God, “Thank You very much God. You saved me from doing a wrong thing with a right person.”


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