13254351_248546758842769_4410667331153000843_nIn order to put marriage on a high pedestal in the society it is said that marriages are made in Heaven. May be or may not be. But it is certain that marriages bring no heavenly joys with them. This is why there is none who might have seen a couple satisfied with each other so far.

Undoubtedly marriages bring two new people of opposite sex closer. Both are sick to seek love. How one sick can cure another sick. Yes, they can share their troubles. They can also help each other to find a way out of the sickness. Still they fail to find or suggest a sure remedy of the sickness inflicting them. Hence marriages bring more sickness.

You may find every husband complaining against his spouse and vice versa. Women are more dissatisfied with their husbands for the well-known fact that men are just opposite in nature to women.

Men are like bumble-bees always dissatisfied with their exploits whereas women are like honey-bees ever satisfied whatever they could have in their hands. But in case of their husbands, they remain fearful lest they lose them. And scared one can never be at peace. So the wives are too alert on their husbands’ movements making her sicker.

There is a film song, “Chalo ik bar fir se aznabi ban jayen donon….” I do not remember what was the context this song was composed? But it speaks a lot about the relations of couples. So long they are afar, they find each other attractive. They are true lovers. But as soon as they come closer, they start repelling. They do not see eye to eye with each other. Everyone must have heard women saying, “It was my bad luck that I married you otherwise better aspirants were lining up for her.”

But it is a misnomer. Had she married anyone of the better ones, her grouse would have been the same with the better one too.



  1. I totally agree with you sir. Today’s marriage is only like a cake means only for the taste but no one does see the inner beauty or its outer beauty.What we had in the past ,where it was like a life journey and the know was pure and today its vise versa.Earlier i was curiosity ,some secrets was there before marriage and the bride and grooms were as there was no telephone or conversation before marriage but now the secrets revels after ring last i can that it the influence of advance world and over dose of education causing the buzz in marriage life..


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