Who Am I?


Born in an academicians family, I imbibed reading and writing skills from my childhood. My first attempt was a Hindi story, “Prem and Krodh” meaning “Love and Anger.” It was sent to a magazine. The editor was kind enough to appreciate it and give me pieces of advice how to improve more.
I feel highly privileged today that WordPress has initiated in the same way and I have chosen to honour the offer.

I too chose to join the academic world like my parents. I have been an English and Education academic throughout my career. I retired as Director-Principal from a Teachers’ Training College.

My educational publications are : Humour in Classroom, Human Resource Development in Education and Micro-teaching : Theory and Practice. Literary ones are : Samay Ke Hastakshar (Collection of my poems in Hindi) Shahvat Prem (A novel in Hindi on Sex Psychology of women) and another novel in English namely “Love Beyond Horizons.”

My forthcoming books are : New Dimensions of Value Education, Mulya Shikshan ke Abhinav Ayam, Orchard of Cupid in the Backyard (English novel) and Prishthangan Men Pranay Upvan (Novel in Hindi). First three deal with academic issues whereas the last two are literary.

I am 68 years old. My daily regime is very tight. I get up at 2.50 a.m. daily. After getting fresh I do Pranayam for about 40 minutes. Then I go for a morning walk of about four kilometers. In the park I do some light exercise alternated with Pranayam. I return home around 5.15 a.m. Have green tea. Then massage my body with sesame oil and check up my e.mail etc. I go to bed exact at 8 p.m. to get up at 2,50 a.m. next morning.  I take a glass of milk at night and do not take food.

Questions if any are solicited.








Who Am I?

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