Tears of Jhelum


11825783_131299060542961_7337470015573042920_n(My poem that I composed when Kashmir was flooded)

O my sons of soil and daughters!
I nursed you with my nectar
But what you gave me back
Loads of your filth and squalor.

I watered your fields and orchards
Bedewing lips quenched your thirst
But you robbed of glorious flow
And forced my flow backwards.

I bore all follies of yours with smile
But gave no thought to my health
Ravaged my green gorgeous guards
Filled your coffers with wealth and pelf.

Flanks were narrowed I kept quiet
My body was squeezed I cried,
You choked my throat and nose
I lamented, sobbed, wept and sighed.

But no one was there to listen me
I waited for decades with hopes
My kids will come to their senses
Restore me of my breathing space.

Alas! I couldn’t bear, sustain no more
Hurts, cuts, tortures of my kids
My eyes started shedding tears
Bringing the deluge and vast floods.

Now it was your turn to weep and cry
But I was not happy at your woes,
Kept shedding my tears like a mother
Seeing her kids in pains and throes.

When I saw your suffering increasing
I had to choke my throat and shut eyes
To stop further furies that deluges
To soothe and stop my grand-kids cries.

Tears of Jhelum

7 thoughts on “Tears of Jhelum

  1. well described sir.Its the scene of every river in India ,they are in bad condition only due to human negligence .We need to look back the past glory of India otherwise days are near that human will have to live this beautiful planet.

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  2. Thanks dear RURALVOICES225. It is the fault of policy makers that they allow population explosion. It was Indira who tried to rein in this population bull& thereafter none could dare it. Until population explosions is checked, I do not think there could be any change in the present scenario. Thank for your concern……Would ypu please introduce yourself by name?

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