Knowledge-wise the children are ageing faster than their real age and losing their innocence in this process. They know that much which we never knew till our college days. There are various reasons for this but exposure to such content which they do not need to know is the main cause. 


Children of the lowest age are becoming slaves to electronic gadgets. TV catches them very young which robs them of outdoor games. Internet has added fuel to the fire. Their hilarious laughter while playing used to sound sweet to the ears of elders. That is missing now. Muscle training which kept them healthy is nil. Most adolescents have eye problems.  Majority of the kids are obese. And an obese with weak-eyesight will certainly be short-tempered.


Today’s children are exposed to undesired scenes. Internet has escalated this type of exposure to them. Couples living in limited spaces with children cause irreparable damage to their psyche. I recall an interesting composition that a five class student had written on which the lady teacher was so offended that she brought the notebook to put before me.

I read the composition. I was really amused for two reasons. One was due to the originality of ideas of the boy. Second, the content was  not matching to his age. After reading the essay on “Mother” I asked the teacher why she was feeling offended. Her face turned red. She started giggling and pointed out to the part which she claimed I had not understood.

The content was:

“मम्मा प्यारी हैं। दो बड़े बड़े गोल गोल दो छोटे छोटे गोल गोल। वो रोटी भी गोल बनाती हैं। पापा को देख कर वे होठों को भी गोल कर लेती हैं। उस समय उनकी आँखें नाचती हैं। कितनी सुंदर हैं उनकी आँखें? पापा की और मेरी आँखें वैसी नहीं हैं! रात को पापा-मम्मा कसरत करते हैं। मम्मा टांगें उठा कर रामदेव वाला आसन करती हैं। पापा उनकी टांगों को सहारा देते हैं और खुद भी कसरत करते हैं। समझ में नहीं आता कि वे ये कसरत सुबह क्यों नहीं करते?”

(Please Translation at the end of the article)

The question is: Who has robbed of the innocence of the boy due to which he is now victim of his teacher’s wrath? When I pointed this fact out to the teacher, she had to agree with me not to say anything to the boy. But next day I called his parents and discussed the problem with them. The couple was sensible. They took the cue instantly.  


I do not know why the parents are so faddish to send the children to school when they should be playing in the streets, jumping into the ponds, climbing on to the trees, peeping into the nests and making childlike pranks. When I recall my childhood in today’s perspective, I am shaken to see the children jotting down alphabets or cramming numbers. As soon as the kid starts standing on his feet he is packed off to the crumpled crèches wherein their movements are miserably reined. Their physical development in natural settings is stymied. Stunted physical growth leads to retardation and various other psychological problems.


  1. Only those electronic gadgets should be made available to the children which are very necessary. I am against the mobiles to the school going children. TV timings should be strictly followed by all including elders.
  2. Small houses in metropolitan cities are unavoidable. But the couples could at least be cautious that their private moments are not exposed to their children. If the child asks an uneasy question about sex, the parents should be honest and explain referring to domestic birds and animals’ breeding. Neither unnecessarily smile nor frown.
  3. Schooling should not be started before the age of five. Even if the mother has to quit her job, she should do so to take care of their dearest one or they should honour their in-laws so that they stay with them to take care and sanskritise their grandchildren. The tales told by grandparents go a long way in psychological development of the children because they listen to them very attentively and learn a lot through this play.

Translation of Hindi Portion.

Mama is lovely. She has two big round round. She has two small round round. She makes round chapattis. Seeing Papa she twists her lips round. At that time, her eyes seems dancing. How much attractive are her eyes. My and Papa’s eyes are not so nice. Papa mama do exercise at night. Mama raises her legs like in Ramdev’s asan. Papa hold her legs and do his exercise. Don’t know why they don’t exercise in the morning?


Thanking you very much for reading my article. Please do give your views.


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