Hypocrites Breed Hypocrites


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Are you not surprised to see the deteriorating conditions of the global society leading to the ‘Crisis of Character?’  And it becomes more glaring when we see lots of so called spiritual gurus, social scientists, academicians and leadership preaching virtues and values; and boasting that they have crores of devotees or followers. If they are believed then the entire world should have been a heaven by now. There should have been no child abuse, molestations, rapes or any other crime. But the reality is extremely opposite to it.

  1. Fake Leadership:

Simple reason of this phenomenon is that these spiritual gurus, social scientists, academicians and leadership are not more than hypocrites and therefore they have no permanent impact on their followers. They breed their own types. These disciples/followers/supporters follow their leaders in word and spirit and they act as hypocritically as their leaders. As the leader says one thing and does just contrary to that, similarly the latter do. And there is no virtual development of character or spiritual orientation which the Gurus boast of.

  1. Weak Social Leadership:

Second casualty of fake leadership is gradual weakening of social leadership. Just traverse 50-60 years back and try to recall how much strong social leadership used to be. None could dare to violate the social norms. I recall a youth standing and peeing in public. A shepherd, a non-entity in the social strata, saw him and shouted at him so loud that he stopped midway, wet his pants and disappeared as fast as he could. Do we have such courage these days? Youth is carefree or careless by nature. So they need monitoring and backups. Do we perform our moral duty to guide them? The fall out is that ‘carefreeness and carelessness’ leads to indiscretion.

  1. Weak Agents of Social Change:

Parents, teachers and media are the main agents of social change. All the three are in a miserable state today. Joint Family System used to be a pillar of strength and spring of virtuous development of the new generations. It is a thing of the past. Parents are too busy in their work and the adolescents who need constant support are left to themselves. Kids are at the mercy of Ayahs. Since the parents lost their control over their wards, the teachers too grew weaker and weaker gradually.  Media of late has become salable. Obscene advertisements and nude pictures are a common sight in newspapers/magazines and TV 1. Internet serves porn. There is no control over them and the adolescents fall an easy prey to these money-spinner vultures.

  1. Corrupt Non-government Organizations:

N.G.Os are formed to better social scenario. But do they do it? In my personal opinion they ignite the social fire instead of dousing it. They oppose any social or legal restrictions on criminal juveniles tooth and nail on the grounds of constitutional rights. But when these adolescents violate the rights of others, these so-called activists rush into their holes never to be seen. These N.G.Os are themselves dens of corruption. What social change can those organizations bring which themselves are delinquent? The youth is behaving lie savages.2

Suggestions for Social Change:

  1. In the name of child rights the authority of the parents and teachers has been drastically curtailed. It needs to be restored sooner the better.
  2. Spiritual orientation of the children should be facilitated right from infancy. It has been proved scientifically that education starts right from mothers’ womb. Expecting mothers should remain more cautious about it. Family atmosphere should be congenial to spiritual growth. Please note a drunkard couple’s kids too would be drunkards and those of gamblers will be gamesters. On the contrary virtuous parents will have kids of morality. Text books should contain such material which may satiate the hunger of soul. All elders should present themselves as spiritual role models. And then see the results.
  3. Media of all sorts should be under scanner of social and spiritual leaders. Nothing obscene or vulgar should be published. I fail to understand what an advertisement of blade has to do with a semi-clad damsel?
  4. Juveniles of all ages should be treated as criminals at par with adults. Yes, in cases involving juveniles the justice should be done at the swiftest. There should be no Juvenile homes just because these homes are themselves dens of vices. Homosexuals rule there. Thus juveniles come out of these homes as hardened criminals.
  5. Bhagwadgita is not a Hindu scripture. Rather it is of the whole humanity. Let me know how does “Whatever the superior person does, that alone other people do; whatever standards he sets that the world follows”3 or “As you have control over your duty only not on fruits. So do not let the fruit be your goal”4 not apply to a Muslim or Christian or of any other faith. So the study of Bhagwadgita should be made compulsory right from school stage. It will ensure spiritual development of the students right from the beginning.


  1. The advertisement given above as image used to be published almost every weak in the national dailies and the writer has taken it from Times of India dated January 28, 2015 page 5 to sensitize the readers. After my tweet it has been withdrawn.
  1. Two days ago a youth was tied to the window of the train bogy and beaten by youths just because the former had drunk water from their bottle. These youths are educated and going for a recruitment test. I cannot call them human but only savages.
  2. Srimad Bhagwadgita. Shlok 3.21
  3. Ibid Shlok 2.47
Hypocrites Breed Hypocrites

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