Purpose of Education


I may be wrong but I personally feel that parents as well as educational administrators have lost sight of the objectives education.


I feel it is the first and foremost goal of education. This process starts right from mother’s womb. You may agree or disagree but it is true that mother’s thoughts affect the one also who is in the making in her. Urban mothers though well informed than the rural one, are most careless in this regard. Most pass their time visiting adult sites which has have bad effects on the baby too. Schools lack congenial environments for the virtuous development of the kids. Faculties are amoral. So the produce too is similar. Every school/college boasts of imparting value educations but the result is zero. Modern education system has turned Matrishakti into Bhogvastu. Today’s youth has no respect for women and his parents; what to talk of elders in general.


Education should equip the adolescents to face the future challenges in life. Does it? Answer is a big no. Has it been preparing them for it, there would not have been scores of suicides by the IITs and IIMs aspirants? Every year we hear youths losing precious lives under stress. Life offers more rough and tough patches than smooth ones. Air-conditioned homes, cars and then their schools too. Luxurious life makes them over-dependent on such facilities which are unnecessary in life. It too causes frustration.


Education should widen the outlook of the youth. But it is not happening. Most of the youth concentrates on material gains these days which are always uncertain. They have a tunnel vision: Only lots of money are their goal. For this they long for success: An uncertain fruit. Failures break them because they are not prepared for them. They are never sensitized to uncertain fruits which failures make available in the form of experiences and skills improvement.


I do agree that today’s youth is more communicative than we were. But he has no command over any of the languages. Linguistically ill equipped youth makes himself a butt of humour quite often.I have heard them saying, “Arey yar ! abhi abhee to brickfast liya hai” OR “Of curse! You r my pakka frend.” If the readers want to have such fun, go to Twitter or facebook and see the jugglery of words today’s youth make. Yes, I agree once again that they are more communicative than their former generations.

Purpose of Education

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