God in Catch-22


The God made the streams and rivers. On their banks he made beautiful forests. Forests consisted of bushy and thorny plants and trees. In order to protect them He made the wild animals. Thereafter He made orchards brimming with sweet smelling flowers and juicy fruits. These gardens must adore winged angels. So he made the birds and other creatures. Sometimes the streams and rivers were so much flooded that the wild animals’ lives were in peril. So He made the mountains so that they could move on to the peaks to save their lives.

After creating such beautiful nature, He thought who will after all appreciate and enjoy it. So He made His best creation and that was woman. Before giving her a final shape, He made her time and again. And feeling dissatisfied, he destroyed it several times. At last he succeeded in making her of His choice. Since this creation was his best, he used the best of materials in making it. The woman too was very happy in her new abode. She enjoyed the nature to her fill.

But soon she got bored. She was afraid of her loneliness. She went to God and prayed Him to get her rid of her loneliness.

Now the God was in a catch 22 situation. Should He agree with His best creation which He liked and loved the most or turn down her request. It was His biggest dilemma?

The God said to the woman, “You see. The best of material I had had has been utilised to make you. Now I am left with the worst materials suitable for likes of wolves, chameleons and foxes. A creation from the worst material for the best one will not be good for you. So forget about another. If I make him he will always harm and hurt you. And then you will be blaming me.”

The woman being too bored and tired of her loneliness was not amused. She kept insisting the God to make one whom she could spend time with. And lo! The God made the man. From day five to this day the best creation is in a Catch-22 situation!

God in Catch-22

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