Peace at Peril


Consumerism has been on the increase day by day. For it lots of money is required. How it is earned or got is not the issue; the issue is: It ought to be got by fair or foul means. History is witness to whenever consumerism increased beyond its permissible limits; the society has gone to dogs.
That is why social fabric is today in tatters. We are not against consumerism. What to talk of consumerism, we are not against even to luxuries because whatever is given to us by the nature is for use. But today “Utilisation” is out of use and it has been substituted by “Sheer Consumption” which is against humanity.
There is a great difference between “Utilisation” and “Consumption”. Former is necessary to survive whereas the latter is not. Consumption escalates consumerism whereas utilisation eases life. Consumption does not make life easy; instead it makes it complex. Consumption enslaves the people turning them to be its addicts. How far is it right to be slaves or addicts? Slavery or addiction makes us lose our identity.
This is what is happening today. Discarding our Swadharam (Self-chosen duty) we have turned into consumerists at others’ cost. That is why exploitation is on increase. And when there is exploitation, how could there be peace? Exploitation escalates injustice. This is inhuman. And cost of such consumerism which escalates exploitation and injustice, will have to be paid one day by all just because consuming at others’ cost can never be called society-friendly.
Rapes come under this category. Just to satisfy lust, how far is it correct for the rapist to make a weak, vulnerable and innocent girl/woman his prey! Today even the small girls are not safe. Consumerism has taken the entire Indian society under its sway. Men or women: Everyone’s goal is lascivious and luxurious life. For it they need money and other resources. That is why that lust for money too is on the increase and it has taken a gruesome shape.
What to talk of a leader or an actor; or of a spiritual leader or a doctor or a teacher: All are lustful hoarders of money. All are corrupt. In the name of religion they are creating a bazaar for themselves. Asaram and Rampal are recent living examples. Similarly politicians hoard money in the garb of fake means.
When likes of Digvijay Singh should go for renunciation, they go for third marriage with a young damsel of the age of their granddaughter. We have nothing to do with these three’s private lives. But they are leaders of Indian society. They ought to think that the entire society has been staring at them and scanning their behaviour. And the adolescents naturally do the same what they see their seniors and elders doing.
We find the parents too violating their Swadharam. While mothers indulge in their kitty parties, fathers are enjoying in their clubs. Both return too late at night: May be fully inebriated. The kids are left to Ayahs’ care. The readers may just think and analyse if the kids could be sanskritised under or by the ayahs?

Peace at Peril

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