Marital Rapes

Mrs Menka Gandhi is right when she says that law against marital rape is not suited to Indian conditions. But one Rekha Sharma of National Women Commission has objected to what Mrs Menka said. Ms Rekha says that man does not need sex but have sex with his wife just to dominate upon her. What a foolish aruguement she has extended?
Now it is certain that National Women Commission and some so called Non-government Organisations are bent upon ripping apart that Indian social fabric also whatever is still left of it. They want the government to legislate a law which will put even the husbands and wives behind bars if either of the two out of jealousy or revenge complains that she/he was raped by her/his spouse. This fear is not unfounded. Even the courts have ruled in several rape cases that the complaint was fictitious. Moreover, even if the intercourse within the wedlock will be treated as rape then what is the need of marriage?
Families are a close knit entities consisting of wife, husband and their kids. It is also well-known that slight differences/arguments between the former two quite often crop up. One famous Hindi novel writer goes on saying to the extent that fights between wife and husbands strengthen the matrimonial bonds and those who cannot continue fighting lifelong lose everything between them. But if the law against intercourse within marriage is framed, then it is sure to be misused especially by women who want to teach their husband a lesson.

Indian Parliament Winter Session 2015
NEW DELHI, INDIA – DECEMBER 22: Union Minister for Women & Child Development, Maneka Sanjay Gandhi at Parliament during the winter session, on December 22, 2015 in New Delhi, India. Parliament passed the juvenile justice bill, a day after members cutting across party lines agreed that the important legislation should be taken up immediately. (Photo by Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

The concept of marital rape is a stupid idea. Who thought about it for the first time was certainly a Satan to create rifts in happy families. In India marriage is still considered a sacred bond not only between the bride and bridegroom but their families too. Any law which defiles this relation will not only be anti-family but also anti-kids. This realisation is slowly dawning upon in the West too just because they have seen the ill effects of broken families in particular and society in general.
So, just a thought for such move will be counter to society in its totality. It needs to be dropped for ever.

Marital Rapes

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