Love Beyond Horizons

This was the moment when she recalled her mother advising her quite often, “Beti Noor! There may be revolutionary changes in the society but always remember the world never changes for the women.” And she used to give no ear to her. Laughing at the suggestion she would counter her, “Ammijan,1 what old traditions of yore you are speaking about? Today everyone: Men or women are equal. There is no discrimination. You need not worry.” At this her mother would heave a long sigh of discomfort and our heroine got respite from her coaxing. But the same wise guiding words were now echoing in her ears today. Alarmed at these voices echoing in her inner self, she would put her hands on her ears. She quite often feels as if her mother has been still counseling her from her heavenly abode, “Noor, I had told you several times that the times never change for the women. Whatever happens to them, they have to face them all alone. But Beti2 you never listened to me. You always turned a deaf ear to me. Now dear daughter, I can only pray to Allah Mian to provide all relief to you that you deserve. Be courageous Beti. Have you not heard that God helps only those who help themselves?”

  1. Ammijan: Mother

2. Beti: Daughter

Love Beyond Horizons

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