Why I Adore Women?

सत्य पथ

In fact the world is women based. Men are minions before them. The women nurture and protect not only virtues but human values too. Moreover I am well-aware of some black sheep among women also. The anti-women fervor found in selfish mother-is-laws, wayward wives, sex-pervert lasses, and libertine madams not fit for healthy social fabric is deplorable. Such wantonness is labelled as “Freedom of the fair sex” by the modern women emancipation enthusiasts but it is not the whole truth. Women’s emancipation will be complete and perfect only if the women are successful in reining in the men’s psyche. They have this Midas touch. Only they have to recognize this power they possess.
In my opinion men are too small before the women even though the former claim to be superior to women by virtue of the prevailing practice of men’s domination in the society. The fact is whatever decency…

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Why I Adore Women?

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