Napoleon had once said that the word “Impossible” is found in the dictionary of fools. He may be right. But, had he understood the male psyche with reference to women, he would have certainly avoided issuing this statement? Nothing may be impossible but it is certainly impossible that men’s psyche with regard to women will ever change. It is really very shameful.
Latest shocking example of male chauvinism has come from Kolahpur (Maharastar). One father kept raping his 13-year old daughter. When it became public, the Jat Panchayat ordered flogging of the rapist-father 25 times. But the most shocking part of this harrowing news is that the girl too was flogged equal times as a “cleansing ritual.”
First, at least I am ashamed of the father’s male psyche which did not spare even that girl-child whom he had nursed in his lap and brought her up. How he dared so, is beyond my comprehension?
Second, I further feel shamed by the male psyche which flogged the already victimised girl for no fault of hers. I appreciate immediate punishment to the rapist-father (May be illegal: But keeping the slow pace of law, I hail the Panchayat decision of flogging the soulless father) but what wrong the girl had done? Thus she was double punished.

In the name of secularism, our education system has been deprived of making spiritual development of the youngsters. This results in inhuman development which has no regard for human values. The education system needs to be based on spirituality. Please note I am advocating for spiritual education (Roohani in Urdu and Adhyatmik in Hindi) not fundamental. Spiritual education has its source not in one religion but in all the religions.


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