Agents of social change need to be cautious.  New generations are fast moving on the wrong side of law. They are indulging in rapes, molestations, murders, loots and scores of petty crimes. The latest is from Delhi wherein two juveniles kidnapped a small boy, chopped off his throat and then gave a ransom call to the child’s parents for five lakhs. Surprisingly these teenager criminals outwitted even the police by their evasive replies. Juveniles and behaving like hardened criminals is really shocking. Will Juvenile Rights Supporters still justify their stand to be lenient with the juveniles when dealing with their crimes?
Child Rights! Women rights! Human Rights! But when these rights are violated by the members of the respective groups against their own or others, these rightists become dumb. Not only children, some dare-devil women also indulge in all sorts of crimes including heinous ones. And these Women’s Rightists look the other way unmindful of the violations against the innocents. These N.G.Os oppose death penalty in the garb of right to live. But when heinous crimes occur they become blind to the cries of the aggrieved and their rights to live. The Government under pressure from these so called social workers made such laws which the courts have to follow and consequently heinous criminals also go scot-free. Small girls are raped and maimed by juveniles and the latter get the shield of Juvenile Justice Act. If the N.G.Os cannot protect each of the child why they poke their nose when the courts deal with such criminals?

History is replete with examples that regimes which dealt criminal with a heavy hand were almost free of crimes. There were hardly any crimes in the rule of Vikaramaditya, Akbar, Jahangir, Samudar Gupt, Chander Gupt etc. Shinganapur is a town in Maharastra. Here no house is locked for the fear of Shani’s wrath. No thief dares to enter this village due to this fear. It is true. I have seen the unlocked homes. Whether the fear is genuine or not, is not the question. My point of quoting the last example is only to bring home the concept of fear which checks crimes. Baba Tulsi also says भय बिन प्रीत न होत गोसाईं. Most of the Arab countries give harshest punishments to the criminals. Compared to India, there are fewer crimes.
The mother-father-teacher trio used to be mentors of youngsters in growing age. Today all the three looks to be helpless in this regard. Even the former two cannot say anything to their own child lest his feelings are hurt and they are framed for harming the sentiments of the child. Under such circumstances which teacher will take risk? So the adolescents are free to do anything. He is free to experiment sex after getting arousal by nude sites banning of which is opposed tooth and nail by the so-called social workers on the pretext of freedom of expression. What is the fault of the teenagers is if they go astray. May God save my new generations from going wrong!





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