The Selfish World

The world is really very heartless. Once Jesus, taking a note of thousands of churches coming up all over the globe and the faithful wearing crosses round their necks, felt it was the right time to revisit the planet. So he descended on the earth and stood under a tree on the way to a church.

When the people started coming out after prayers, they saw Him standing under the tree. None recognised Him. Rather they took Him to be a masquerader and started pelting stones injuring Him severely more than before.

After sometime, the head priest who had conducted His prayers in the church came out and recognised Him. He bowed before Him, but cautioned him saying, “My Lord! If you come back, there will be more trouble for you as well as us. We have been making the best use of your name ever since you were crucified and the world needs not your physical presence any more. Their schemes, their businesses, their policies, even their faiths: All will be upset if you come back and they will again kill you, perhaps more cruelly this time than before. So my Lord! It is advisable for you to return to Heavens and leave us alone.”

Jesus had already tasted the treatment meted out to Him by the Faithful coming out of the church earlier. He got the cue and rushed back to His abode silently.

The people are so selfish that the same would be repeated with the Gods of every faith: Be it Krishan, Ram or any other if they dare to visit the earth again. And St. Joan of France who won battle against her nation’s enemy was burnt alive just because the powers felt scarred of her popularity and acumen. When the saints like St. Joan, Tulsi and Swami Dayanand were not spared, what to talk of common people? Do you know why the people behave in such cruel manner? It is because they cannot bear threat to their egos and smashing of their dogmatic views.

The Selfish World

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