Ego A Roadblock to Learning

There is a saying, “God has given us two ears and one mouth to listen more and talk less.” His purpose was great. But do we obey him? Have we learnt the art of wise listening? Not at all: We the egoists are more backward in this connection because our inner-cup of ego brims with our puffed up opinions and thoughts that we “know” the best of all.

The Academic-Managers are found to be more prone to this disease. They never listen to anyone. They keep talking mindless of whether anyone is listening to them or not. Their own listening power is at the lowest. They neither listen to others nor make others to listen for understanding them. When neither of the two is in a receiving mode, how will they facilitate new learning?

Interaction could be possible only when the listener and speaker are open-minded. But the common truth is that the speakers as well as the listeners are biased. That is why a never ending conflict or war of words or opinions goes on in almost all educational institutions. Neither the former facilitates learning nor do the latter learn anything.

There is an urgent need to be open-minded so that both could hail new ideas and opinions from each other. And one cannot be open-minded until ego is demolished. If ego falls down then the darkness of ignorance too will shed automatically. Lord Krishan says, “O Parth! Show-off, ego, pride, anger, cruelty and ignorance are the symptoms of devils.”

The Academic Managers have to be human-beings not anti to them. They will have to take the lead in this direction. They will have to learn how to empty their inner cups filled with filth. If they become open-minded then everyone will fall in line and the process of teaching-understanding-learning will be easier.

Everyone will be more responsive to them. So the onus lies on the Acedemic Managers. Rest will follow suit.

Ego A Roadblock to Learning

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