The Farewell

Terrorism victimises innocents.
It is narrated in this story.

सत्य पथ

(A story in the backdrop terrorism in Kashmir)

Taufeeq was highly depressed today. He had never felt so guilty in the twenty eight years of his life as he did today. He was feeling humiliated and a feeling of self-loathing welled up within him. He had heard people hating others, but that a person could hate himself too was revealed to him only today.
The immediate cause of his present state of mental turmoil was the attack of the militants on the house of Dr. Ahamad of Sopore who was a famous physician of the state. The extremists were not satisfied only with the attack. They had gone a lot further. They had misbehaved with the ladies of the house who had tried to resist the molestation attempt on a young lady. And while leaving the venue, they had put Dr. Ahamad’s bungalow on fire reducing it to ashes. The…

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The Farewell

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